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Moose tracks and Tater stacks: How to Have a Successful Marriage

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Have a Successful Marriage

{10 Tips For A Successful Marriage}

I have been married for almost 7 years now and we are really, truly happy. There are a few things keys to happy marriages that I have learned from my own experience and from the experiences' of some of my friends' and I would love to share them with you. 

1.     Pray together, or at least for each other. Obviously putting God first in your relationship will help to guide you and keep you together. 
2.     Show your partner respect, even if you are angry with them you can be respectful. Respect is just basic consideration of their feelings. Don't insult them or say things that are hurtful just to make yourself feel better because later you will probably feel bad about having said it and they will feel even worse for having heard it. 
3.     Apologize when you are wrong and sometimes when you aren't! A fight can usually be solved by someone just saying they are sorry, lay down your pride and admit when you are wrong. 
4.     Try to satisfy your partners sexual needs, sometimes life can get in the way but you have to stop that from happening. Physical affection is really important to staying happy and it promotes good health too! Sometimes it is hard to feel like your partner still loves and adores you if they are constantly "too tired" or if they always have a headache, human touch is a very basic need, fulfill it. 
5.     Hug and kiss each other when you get home or when you are together again after being apart for any reason, show how happy you are that the other person is there, let them feel how much you missed them. Anyway, you should spend time kissing; it is shown to be healthy, so do it for your health!
6.     Leave a little love note now and then, it will make more of an impact than you could ever imagine. Both women and men love to hear some gushy stuff now and then. 
7.     Try to talk things out instead of fighting it out. Choose your battles. When a situation gets a little heated you can try to lower your own voice and the other person may follow suit or you can leave the room for a few minutes and finish talking about the situation later. 
8.     Don't sweat the small stuff, I know we have all heard that before but think about it, it is a helpful idea. If you don't worry about the little things that your spouse does you won't fight as much and that in itself will make life happier. 
9.     Talk to each other, communication is key, not only when you are fighting but all the time! It is so nice to talk about your day or what your friends are doing or just to be able to talk about anything that is on your mind. You should give each other a chance to talk about whatever you need to every day, it is also a nice way to stay linked to each other based on knowing what is going on in the other persons' day to day life. 
10.                       Be forgiving; humans make mistakes, they do things wrong, they forget, they lie, the break things and make you mad in general but you have to be willing to love them through it. Forgiving someone isn't always easy but if you are going to move forward in your relationship it is necessary, you can't hold anger inside forever. 

Marriage isn't easy but if you just make sure that you are showing your partner how much you love them and that they can see through your actions that you really do, it should be easier. Understand that things will be rough sometimes but if you just stay strong and follow the tips above you will be able to get through almost anything. 

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