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The Bachelor (February 14th 2011)

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Moose tracks and Tater stacks: The Bachelor (February 14th 2011)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bachelor (February 14th 2011)

{The Bachelor (February 14th 2011) Spoiler}
So there are 6 ladies left and at the end of the show tonight there will only be 4 girls and next week is home town dates. Chris (the host) announced that there wouldn’t be any roses on one-on-one dates this week but there was one on the group date.
The first one-on-one was with my girl Emily! He took her via helicopter to a private island. They talked about how nervous they make each other, it was adorable, and he told her that he cares a lot about her.

At dinner he asked her if he would be able to meet her daughter at the home town date and she said that she can’t do it because she doesn’t want to confuse her but she knows that he can’t purpose to her if he hasn’t met her daughter. She is right! Brad seemed really hurt. The sweetest thing happened right after that he could see that she was nervous so he broke the rules and told her that he is going to give her a rose and take her to her hometown! They had an amazing kiss. It was an adorable date and you could feel the love between them.
The second one on one was with Shawntel N., they went on a bike ride through the town. They ended up at a farmers market listening to music, jumping rope, playing dominoes. They had a very natural feeling date; it was lovely because it was how they would be as an everyday couple. She told him that she is falling in love with him.

In the evening they went to a little beach area to eat dinner. He was able to open up to her about his father and he said was a really big deal and made him realize how comfortable he is with her.
The third one-on-one was Britt. I am not feeling good about her odds of staying, I just don’t really see a connection but that is just my gut feeling. He picked her up in a yacht! They had to swim out to it and the other girls were just dying of jealousy. Britt and Brad went cliff diving, Brad was all about it but Britt… not so much, she did it though. They have really bizarre, not dating type chemistry. I think if he could send her home right this minute he would, they have a friend thing going on.

At dinner, she could not even make eye contact and they were really reaching for topics to talk about. Can you say awkward? He finally told her basically that she will make a great wife for someone but it won’t be him. He told her he thinks enough of her to tell her that he doesn’t have a future with her. Poor girl, she started kind of trying to get him to keep her and saying that they should keep trying to connect. He cut her off and said that he thought it was time to say goodbye and then escorted her off the yacht.

What a shocker! He didn’t have to send anyone home on the one-on-ones this week! She had to go home to the house and tell the girls that she was leaving.
The group date was Michelle, Ashley and Chantal, he woke them up at 2 o’clock in the morning to tell them they had 10 minutes to be up and ready. They found out that they were going to be in Sports Illustrated Magazine swim suit issue! Ashley and Chantal both took their tops off for their shoots and they looked fantastic. Michelle didn’t want to take her top off but did want to one up the other girls so she pulled Brad into her shoot and laid on him for her pictures. Afterwards Brad could see that it really bothered Ashley and Chantal.

The second part of the date was a pool party and Brad doing damage control all over the place. Ashley was the first to be pulled aside and he tried to reassure her that he likes her and she spent the whole time telling him that it is ok if he doesn’t pick her and that she will be ok.

Next was Chantal and he asked her if she felt the same as she did before and she confirmed that she is still in love with him.

Finally he pulled Michelle aside and told her that he is afraid that they are too much alike, he thinks that they might end up going round and round because they are both so stubborn. She told him that she feels 100% that she is supposed to be there with him.

Chantal asked him to take her aside again and confronted him about being so closed off and shut down. He told her that it is so strange to be on a group date and watch each girl being upset about the other girls. I can’t wait until group dates are over; it is lame to watch him showing no emotion!

He pulled Ashley to the side again and she was worried about him letting her go again and he kept trying to reassure her. He gave her the rose! He told her that he cares for her more than he can say and asked her to trust in what they have.

When they went back Michelle was acting like a brat and Chantal started crying, poor Brad, it was all so tough on him. He begged Chantal to come talk to him and then he asked the other girls to leave so that he could be alone with her. She told him that if he can’t choose her out of only 3 girls he should send her home. She seemed a little drunk and mean.

{The Cocktail Party}
Brad asked to talk to Chris before the cocktail party and he told him that he didn’t want to have the cocktail party; he wanted to shoot straight to giving out the roses. Fingers crossed that crazy pants goes!

{And the Rose Goes To}

Going into the rose ceremony only one girl had a rose- Ashley

These girls got a rose at the ceremony-
Emily (of course), Shawntel N. and the final rose went to Chantal!

The girl who went home was-
Oh my goodness, the reign of madness ends! Goodbye Michelle! Don’t let the door hit ya! He walked her to the car and asked if she wanted to talk, she said “no” and left.

Next week is hometown date week! Should be good! 

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At February 15, 2011 at 9:48 AM , Blogger GrumpyGratefulMom said...

So I'm trying to stop watching the Bachelor--in the middle of the season! And I was successful in skipping it last night, but have been wanting to know what happened--this was perfect. I love Emily too. I may have to watch again next week. Janae

At February 15, 2011 at 9:51 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

Come back to the dark side! Crazy is gone and there are only a few episodes left!

At February 18, 2011 at 9:51 PM , Blogger Balancing stilettos and scrubs said...

Yay for crazy being gone!! I adore Emily! I really hope she makes it to the end. They are so cute together :) Can't wait to see how next week goes. I am following you back, thanks a ton for stopping by my blog!


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