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Moose tracks and Tater stacks: How to Moisturize Your Lips

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Moisturize Your Lips

{10 Tips to Moisturize Those Luscious Lips}

1.     Keep hydrated; drinking plenty of water each day will keep your skin and lips moist from the inside out, which will help them stay soft.

2.     Don’t lick your lips; licking your lips provides much needed moisture in the short run and can feel like a great relief. The problem is that your saliva contains enzymes that help break down your food, so when you put that  enzyme on your fragile little lips it can really dry them out.

3.     Always carry a moisturizing lip balm with you, apply it multiple times during the day. Try using Bert’s Beeswax or Carmex, they tend to work better than the cheap kinds and also stay on longer. Keeping lip balm or chapstick on your lips can help to keep you from licking them.
4.     Brush your lips; every morning and night when you brush your teeth you should also brush your lips! Sounds silly, I know, but it removes the dead skin and helps lips to have a better color and look smoother.  Another tip is that you can take a little bit of sugar  and olive oil (equal parts) and rub it on your lips, it is a great for exfoliating, do this gently.

5.     Choose a chapstick or lip balm that is fragrance and flavor free. The fragrances can irritate your lips and make them more dry, also the flavors may cause you to lick your lips more without realizing it and licking your lips dries them out.

6.     Use a tea bag; don’t throw away that used tea bag, after you make your tea just place the bag on your lips for a few minutes and *BAM* soft, lucious lips!

7.     Put on some lip moisturizer, chapstick or lip balm before bed; doing this allows the moisturizer to sit on your lips for long periods which can help to let it soak in and work better.

8.     Avoid the sun; if you are going to be in the sun make sure that you have a lip moisturizer with sunscreen in it and keep it with you, apply it liberally and frequently.  Remember that the sun is dangerous in the winter too, so make sure to have your SPF lip moisturizer year round!

9.  Get some B vitamins; chapped lips can be a sign of low B vitamins in your diet. In order to get some more you can try eating;  poultry, seafood, bananas, leafy greens and potatoes. There are many foods that can help you get your B vitamin intake back on track which can help to rehydrate those dry lips!

10.  Try to avoid getting your face products, washes, soap, etc. on your lips;  these products can dry your face and your lips are much more sensitive so they dry them even more. I usually tuck my lips in while I wash my face. 

Enjoy those soft, beautiful lips!

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