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Moose tracks and Tater stacks: The Bachelor (February 21st 2011)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bachelor (February 21st 2011)

{The Bachelor (February 21st 2011) Spoiler}


This week was the hometown date week! There were only 4 girls left and all of them will get to be alone with Brad and will also get to introduce him to their families.

The first hometown visit was to Seattle Washington to see Chantal O. and her family. She took him to her house to look around and to see her pets. They drank some beers and sat around her living room talking about the future, their pets, if his house is big enough for all of them, etc.

They went to Chantal’s parents’ house; let me tell you, their house was GIANT! It was very fancy. Her dad asked her to come outside to talk and she told him all about how she feels about Brad and that she is in love with him. Her dad then took Brad out to talk to him; they seemed to have a lot in common. Her dad told Brad that he thinks Chantal is ready to settle down. Brad, in true Bachelor style, asked her dad for his blessing on proposing to her and of course her dad said yes.

The next date was with Ashley in her hometown of Madawaska Maine. She admitted in a personal interview before he showed up that she was feeling a bit disconnected from him and that she was hoping that the “sparks” would come back when they were back together, she even joked with him about it right away too. She took him to a place where she used to work when she was young. She fed him fries (and pointed out that she could see his crown…). He brought up the “disconnected” thing while they were eating and they agreed not to bother with all of the reassuring each other anymore. She took him shopping in her little town and there was no cashier at the market, just a box that you drop the money in! Honor system, does that still exist? Apparently, yes.

They had a really nice, fun family chat around the table. Her dad took Brad aside and they had their little chat about the future. The dad was very forward, he told Brad that Ashley needs to finish school even if he proposes to her and then asked if Brad wants children. After the talk Brad was a little nervous that he would hold her back in life, oh good job dad, way to put the doubt in his mind! Luckily her sister came to the rescue and told Brad that this is a great time for Ashley to settle down, which made Brad feel better.

The third hometown date was with Shawntel N. in Chico California. She decided that the best thing to do was to meet him at her job… in the funeral parlor. I question this decision but maybe I am just crazy. The other ladies met up with him in a nice park or something, not a crypt. She asked him if he wants to be cremated when he dies and then showed him where his ashes can go. She showed him the crematorium and explained everything about it; he said in his private interview that he is not sure that he can handle all of his future conversations with her being about death. She had him lay down on the embalming table so she could show him what she does with the bodies. She told him how she drains the blood from the bodies and then how she injects the bodies with the embalming fluid. She led him through her whole process of arranging funerals and everything. What a creepy little date this is turning into!

She took him to meet her parents and her two sisters. Her dad pointed out at dinner that Shawntel will be taking over the family business; she then stepped in and pointed out that she is falling in love and suggested that she might not be there to take over the business. Her dad pulled her to the side and talked to her about how much he needs her to take over the business and to give her a little guilt trip about how the community would be missing her. Then he told her that her plans are destroying his plans for succession of the funeral home. Her dad gave them his blessing on their relationship. I think he can probably see what I see, he doesn’t have to worry, Shawntel will not be the girl that is chosen in the end and she will be there to inherit the business. It’s my guess that she is going home tonight.

The final hometown date was with my girl Emily in Charlotte North Carolina. When Brad came to meet up with Emily she had Ricki (her daughter) there with her to meet him. Her daughter was so shy and was hiding behind her but Brad brought her a gift, which can get any girl to be your friend. The gift was a kite! Ricki (Sorry if I am spelling that wrong) was not interested in talking to Brad at all and it made for a very awkward situation with Emily trying to get her to talk to Brad and Brad trying to talk to her. Brad asked her if she wanted to fly the kite and it made everything great! Ricki opened up to him and started laughing and having fun.

Emily took him back to her house to show her what a real night in her life is like, they went up to Ricki’s room and played, played board games and had a great family style night together. She asked him to come up to say goodnight to Ricki (at Ricki’s request!) and they did a little bedtime routine. It was so nice!

After her daughter went to bed they sat on her couch and talked about how they are feeling. Emily said in her private interview that she was hoping that Brad would kiss her, and then he told her that he can’t kiss her with her daughter in the house and that he wants to respect her by just hugging her and not kissing her. She wasn’t a fan of that idea! He was totally uncomfortable kissing her with her daughter upstairs and you could tell and that made her uncomfortable! It was insanely awkward and then all of the sudden he starts fanning himself like he is hot and announces that he has to go… he couldn’t find the door and was fumbling around like crazy. When they got to the front door she told him that it was ok to kiss her, he said no and she kissed him anyway and it was great. They kissed a few times and it was really nice, I think they were both relieved.

{And the Rose Goes To}

 Ashley, Emily and the final rose of the night goes to Chantal

{The girl who went home was}


From the trailer from next week it looks like it is going to be good, of course they always make it look like everything is falling apart. I wonder if it really is!? It looked like Emily might be turning down the fantasy suite because she needs to set a good example for her daughter. It also looked like Ashley is busy questioning things again!


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At February 22, 2011 at 4:37 PM , Blogger Emerald Meadow said...

Who do you think he picks? I always read Reality Steve's Blog to see who the Bachelor/ette picks. There's no way I could watch this show not knowing! It would drive me bananas

At February 22, 2011 at 10:51 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

Last season was the first time that I ever peaked, I think it was last season... with Jake? Anyway, I had to look because I couldn't stand Vienna! This time I haven't looked but I think it will be Ashley and Emily in the finale and I think he will pick Emily. It does drive me crazy not knowing!

At February 23, 2011 at 2:46 AM , Blogger Ashley said...

Love your recap! I can't wait for next week already, and I think he'll pick Emily in the end but I never go read Reality Steve's spoilers so it's just a pure guess!

At February 24, 2011 at 11:34 AM , Blogger Twingle Mommy said...

Thanks for following, following you back. I love The Bachelor too! My guess from week one was that he would pick Emily, we'll see.


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