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Moose tracks and Tater stacks: The Bachelor

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Bachelor

{The Bachelor}

Now here is one of my guiltiest little pleasures! In the past 3 years I have gotten really into this show, I never even watched it until Jason Mesnicks season (season 13) and as soon as I saw it I was hooked! I adore this show, even though it doesn’t always turn out the way I had hoped. This season is going well, I like it so far and most of the ladies are great!

So, this season (season 15) started out with the bachelor being announced. He is a former bachelor on the show, although I didn’t see his season, he made most of America pretty angry by turning down both women at the end. Since I didn’t see his season, I hold no harsh feelings toward him and I think he is very nice and he is very handsome which doesn’t hurt. He is Brad Womack.

I love Emily! She is my pick for him at this point, but only if he is going to be nice and respect her! She seems so friendly, a little closed off, but really nice under it all. I also really like Ashley H. but of course my picks change weekly depending on the ladies’ behaviors and how Brad reacts to them.

Here is a list of the bachelorettes that Brad has to choose from, who is your pick for him? Watch Monday nights on ABC!

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