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The Bachelor (February 7th 2011)

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Moose tracks and Tater stacks: The Bachelor (February 7th 2011)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bachelor (February 7th 2011)

{The Bachelor (February 7th, 2011) Spoiler}

This week the ladies traveled with Brad to Costa Rica! Did you see how beautiful the scenery was? It made me want to go there right now! Colorado is covered with a few inches of snow and seeing a warm beautiful place like Costa Rica makes me crave a vacation!

Chantal and Brad were on the first 1-on-1 of this show. 

They were walking and of course they came to a field… you already know where this is going don’t you? Of course, there was a helicopter there waiting to whisk them away on an air tour of the country. The helicopter dropped them off at a zip line! The world’s longest zip line (1/2 mile)! It was pouring rain which I am pretty sure increased the level of danger but it also made it a sexier date.

Later they were sitting outside having a little dinner and it started pouring rain again! They ran into a little apartment type room nearby. Chantal changed into a white men’s dress shirt and nothing else (well, I am sure she had undies on, lol)! She looked fantastic and incredibly sexy in that shirt with her wet hair. They had a “deep” conversation about how she freaked out in Vegas; it was nice to see them get all of that on the table. He gave her the rose! She admitted in her private interview that she fell in love with Brad on this date.

The group date ladies; Jackie, Michelle, Emily, Ashley, Shawntel and Britt went to repel down a waterfall. The ladies were a bit worried about the height that they were starting from. Michelle was showing off her crazy during her interviews, she was so mad because she and Brad had repelled down a building on their first 1-on-1 date, she said they had pledged to never repel down anything with anyone else. She didn’t keep her crazy in her private interviews for long, once all of the girls went down she started punching Brad and telling him how mad she was; his plan the whole time was to go down with Michelle so that he wouldn’t break their pact.

After repelling down the waterfall the ladies and Brad went to a natural hot spring. He pulled Jackie aside first and had a nice little chat with her but it is obvious that he is feeling the pressure of trying to make everyone happy, he felt terrible for repelling with Michelle because he knew it made the other girls upset. He talked to Emily and I think it went well, she told him that she is starting to like him but that it scares her because she sabotages things… which of course wasn’t that comforting for Brad to hear!

 Then it was time for Brad to talk to my least favorite brand of crazy, Michelle. 

She went off asking him why he likes the other girls, acting like a teenager, telling him that she is so jealous but that she doesn’t know how he could like her if he likes the other girls. She made him really mad and it was obvious, he told her not to take two steps back in their relationship. At the end they kissed and in his private interview he said that he likes her a lot but doesn’t like when she is mad at him for no reason. Um, Brad? Can you just cut her already? She is insane!

Brad pulled the ultimate “in your face” move by telling them that he was not going to give out a rose to anyone on the date! He told them that the rose means too much for him to just give it out without being able to think about it for longer. Michelle said that she wanted to see him make a decision and if he can’t do it she will “be forced to take it into her own hands.” I know it is obvious that I don’t like her but really, I think she needs a straight jacket…

Alli went on the second 1-on-1 date of the show, they went on horseback to a huge 40 million+ year old cave.

Alli is terrified of bugs, so a cave isn’t her favorite idea for a date. They waded through some cave water and climbed up and under stuff. She looked up and saw that there were bats, she started screaming and jumping around, it was hilarious, poor girl! She pressed on though and they found an amazing waterfall coming in through a hole in the cave, gorgeous!  They set up a little picnic inside the cave.

They went to a nice outdoor dinner surrounded by steaming water. It was super awkward. They were having small talk at their romantic dinner; have you been to Europe? Have you been to Africa? Do you want to live in a small town? It was terrible. In his private interview he admitted how weird it was for him and how awkward it felt. Brad tried to fix it by asking about her past and after she told him about her previous boyfriend and then as he was trying to tell her that she isn’t for him she interrupted him and gushed over how much she felt comfortable with him, blah, blah, blah. Right after that he sent her home. He told her that they are only going to be friends and that he doesn’t see more with her, she felt stupid obviously since she interrupted his initial break up speech to tell him how much she felt connected with him.

Brad went back to his room, emotionally exhausted and needing some down time to process everything. “KNOCK, KNOCK” enter crazy Michelle. She came to his room people, seriously, to his room! Brad said he was stunned but he looked more scared, I would be too if I were him, you never know if she has a weapon or something. She starts making out with him (cue cheesy bachelor music), then she asks him about sending Alli home and tells him that it was a good move but that he should send Chantal home too because ending up with her would be a huge mistake. She told him that she wants him to figure it out himself and that if she wanted to tell him what to do she could just tell him what she knows about the ladies. OMGoodness! Freak! She then listed from her own personal agenda which order the girls should go home in.

Once she left Brad said he was happy to have seen her but she was so bossy and angry that it bothers him.

{The Cocktail Party}
At the cocktail party Brad was really stressed out and really had his walls up it seemed.
  • He pulled aside my girl Emily, confessed that he thinks about her a lot. She explained her sabotage comment and told him that she cares about him and she feels vulnerable; I feel like they fixed their nervousness about each other.

  • Next was Michelle, he told her that he is scared of her (not the way that he should be, lol) he said that they are having the same conversation over and over and that it feels like taking steps backwards. She is trying to play him for a fool, after telling him which order the girls should leave in she tells him that he asked her to and that it was his idea for her to tell him. UGH, this girl is nuts. 

  • Shawntel was next for alone time and she tried to play the silent game, which was a bit odd, but it really worked in her favor and I think he liked it. He seemed to really open up and relax with her. They kissed a few times and he seemed better.

  • Chantal met with him next and told him that her feelings grew for him and she told him she loves him! He couldn't tell her anything back but he did tell her “thank you” and that she made his night.

The girls confronted Michelle about lying saying that she didn’t give him grief about the rose. She admitted that she went over to his house the night before but said that she didn’t say anything about any of the other girls. The other girls’ didn’t really appreciate Michelle going over there.

{And the rose goes to}
Going into the rose ceremony only one girl had a rose from her date- Chantal

These girls got a rose at the ceremony- 
Ashley, Emily, Britt, Shawntel, (at this point I am jumping up and down!) and the final rose goes to… Michelle! I could just hit this guy right now! What was he thinking?

The girls who went home were-
Jackie and Alli

Next week looks great! They are off to Anguila, wherever that is... off to google

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At February 10, 2011 at 8:31 AM , Blogger jessicarsommer said...

Hello! I wanted to say thank you so so much for your kind comment on my painting! I'm so happy you stopped by my blog. It made my day.

Also, I'm totally suckered into the bachelor! I NEVER watch this show but I'm totally addicted (to re runs- via hulu- I work a lot and don't have cable haha!)

xo Jessica Rae
{lovely ugly design}

At February 11, 2011 at 8:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love watching this totally setup and corny show. I cant wait for Mondays to get here so I can watch that crazy show. I agree Michelle is off her rocker. Emily and Chantal are by far my favs. I think Emily would be a great bachelorette if she doesnt get picked. Thanks for following my blog. I really enjoyed yours and Im a follower.


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