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How to Crochet with Plastic Bags

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Moose tracks and Tater stacks: How to Crochet with Plastic Bags

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Crochet with Plastic Bags

{How to Crochet With Plastic Bags}

Crocheting with plastic bags is a way to reuse the bags that you no longer have a need for. This is a great way to reuse your bags! You can make so many things with this “yarn” and all of them will last a really long time!

{What You Need}

  • The crochet hook that your pattern calls for
  • Get all of your old grocery bags; you will need a few dozen. Make sure that they are clean; using bags that contained meats or liquids that may have leaked is not a good idea.
  • A crochet pattern, which you can find online for free or you can purchase one

{How to Prepare the Bags}

  • Lay the bag out in front of you, it should go length wise.

  • Cut off the bag handles
  • Cut the bag the width wise, the short way so that the cuts make a loop of the plastic bag. Cut in two inch increments.

  •  Loop the bags together by putting one loops end inside the other loops end.

  • Hold onto both sides of the loop that you put into the other loop and put one end through the other to form a knot. 

This sounds really complicated but hopefully the pictures will help!

  •             Do this until you are out of bags or until it is the length that you want.
  •      Roll into a ball, the same way that you would do with yarn


    Now you have your “yarn” to create your reusable bag or whatever you decide to make.

    To add a bit of fun you can add in colored bags, it can be anything plastic that you have around. You can use colored store bags, bread or tortilla bags, garbage bags, etc. 

    Have fun and save the Earth at the same time! 

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    At February 23, 2011 at 7:42 PM , Anonymous Sunnie said...

    These are cool, it did sound confusing, but the pictures did help.


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