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Things to do with Old Plastic Grocery Bags

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Moose tracks and Tater stacks: Things to do with Old Plastic Grocery Bags

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Things to do with Old Plastic Grocery Bags

{Things to do with Old Plastic Grocery Bags}

I love the idea of reusing the bags that you don’t need but if they are just going in the trash anyway it may defeat the purpose. I think recycling them somehow is the best way to use them.

I have seen some amazing crafting ideas about making your own reusable grocery bags out of the plastic bags. Can you imagine how long a bag made of plastic bags woven together would last?

You can tie them together to make a rope to keep in your car to tie your trunk shut when you are transporting large items.

If you decide that making a crochet bag or craft with your bags is not for you; check with your local grocery store to see if they recycle the bags. I know at my store they have a big barrel to throw your old bags in. If they don’t you could always just take them back into the store with you a couple of times and get your groceries bagged in them.

Check with your local recycling center or your recycling pick up people (if you are so lucky to have it picked up at your home!) they might be able to take them off your hands.

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At February 23, 2011 at 8:29 PM , Anonymous Sunnie said...

I like to take my reusable bags in. Target gives you a 5 cent credit for every bag that is your own. I recycle mine in the bin at the front of the stores, or use them in small trash cans.


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